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I’ve started writing my short story and hopefully will finish it in the next week. My job and Christmas are making things a little hard to get going on this. Ugh, sounds like an excuse.

Anyhow I wanted to tell you a little about the writing method I use. It’s called Pomodoro and the technique was developed in the late 1980s.

It really works for me and it simplifies the whole writing process so much. I used to struggle opening up Word and starting to write. I know I’m not alone in that struggle.

Pomodoro has made all the difference as far as my motivation. It’s easy and a very fast way to write. I’m following Mike Nielsen’s ebook, “Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads” and he also is a Pomodoro believer. He gives some information on the Pomodoro technique in the ebook.

With the Pomodoro technique, you use a timer to break down your work into 25 minute intervals. After each interval, you take a 5 minute break.

You don’t need much to do it. I use the “tomighty timer” which you can download for free. This timer has two settings: 25 minutes and 5 minutes. It’s made for Pomodoro. You can write using Word, notepad, Scrivener or whatever you like or feel comfortable using.

It’s important that you shut down Facebook, your email, or whatever you’ve got running on your computer that is a distraction or diversion. You’re going to dedicate a bit of time to writing and keep thinking how it’s going to be a good thing.

Before we begin, let’s think of what you can do with this little method. Following the Mike Nielsen ebook, we have a template with instructions for making a quick outline for your 9 story chapters.

As I said in my last post, you only need to spend around 25 minutes to write this outline because his template makes it so easy. So your first 25 minutes is spent putting the outline together. You only need to do this once for your book and it’s done.

Then your goal is to write around 750 words for each chapter. With Pomodoro, you can easily write 750 words in each of your 25 minute blocks. I’m not a fast writer and I can do it. Many writers I know can write much more than that.

Ok, so you’re really driven to publish a lot of books and you decide that you’re going to write 4 chapters a day. That’s 100 minutes of writing plus your breaks. So basically you spend 2 hours to write almost half your book.

At that rate, you should be done in 3 days, and that’s only writing 2 hours a day. If we want something bad enough (have extra money, have lots of extra money, work a job part time, quit job), we’ll do it. I’m saying we, because personally, I want to quit my job. It’s not that I hate it, but to tell you the truth, I’d rather do other things with my time.

Okay, let’s get into how I do Pomodoro. First I set the timer for 5 minutes and I start typing. What am I typing? Anything that comes into my head. This is a warmup that you do at the beginning of your session. You can write about silly things or life’s stresses, or the good looking girl/guy down the street. Whatever you feel like writing. Don’t stop for 5 minutes. You only do this once at the start of your session.

This step really puts you into a writing state of mind. It primes the pump or gets the juices flowing.

Now I look at the chapter outline for chapter 1 or whatever chapter I’m going to write. I might think about it a little but no longer than 4 or 5 minutes.

I start writing after setting the timer for 25 minutes. I write non-stop for 25 minutes with the goal of writing a minimum of 750 words. I don’t worry about spelling, grammar or the story being perfect. Forget editing. Your goal is to write 750 words. Do not worry about the story sounding like crap. It’s going to be ok.

When the timer goes off, finish your sentence and stop writing. You might write a quick note about what you need to do to finish the chapter or tie things up when you start writing again. Meantime, take a 5 minute break. Click “short break” on the timer.

Leave the computer. Get something to drink or a quick snack or use the bathroom. You might want to step outside for a breath of air.

When the timer ends your 5 minute break, be ready to start typing again.  Now you look at your outline for chapter 2 for a few minutes and then start the timer for 25 minutes again.

You repeat the process as many times as you like. You can quit after 1 or 2 25 minute blocks or keep going until you start feeling a little spaced out. If that happens, quit for the day.

That’s it. It’s very repeatable and at the end of the day, you’ve got a chunk of your story done. Yes, you’re going to edit it before publishing. You can do this at the end of your Pomodoro writing session or wait until the story is done. That’s up to you.

This and the template are the foundation of the “Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads” program. Templates are included for writing romance and for any other type of fiction short reads.

Remember the goal is a book or two a week and if you can do nine 25 minute blocks in a week, voila!

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Ok so I’m putting my first book together using the Lester Dent/Mike Nielsen method. Who are these guys? Let’s back up a bit in my case study and fill you in.

The term, Pulp Fiction, was around long before the movie of the same name. I’d heard the phrase used but wasn’t sure of what it meant exactly.

I found out that pulp fiction were stories usually involving detective stories, adventure and science fiction. They were written in the first half of the 20th century. They were called pulp fiction because they were published using cheap wood pulp paper.

Mike Nielsen, in his ebook, “Book-A-Day Short Reads“, gets into following one of the famous pulp fiction authors, Lester Dent. Lester made a great living during the depression years of the 1930’s by writing the famous Doc Savage series of books.

Lester really simplified the process of writing and that system is even made easier by Mike Nielsen who has included a simple template in his ebook that you can use to turn out books which are short, easy to write and entertaining.

I’ve always found the process of outlining my story in preparation to writing very difficult. This template makes it easy. In fact, Nielsen says that you should have the outline done in 25 minutes and be ready to start writing.

The basic template outline is broken into 9 simple sections and each section is a chapter. The chapters will be around 750 to a 1000 words each. That gives you a book in the neighborhood of 6000-10,000 words. Perfect for a short read. I’m loving this system.

So as I said at the top, I’m putting my first book together using the Lester Dent/Mike Nielsen method. Before outlining, I have to get a story idea for my Western. This is really easy.

I go over to IMDb and look for Western movies, TV shows, etc. I find many but choose a show called, “The Rifleman”, that ran on TV for 5 years over 50 years ago. I find a good story right away and make a couple of small changes to suit me. Story idea-done!

I’m now ready to put my story into the template. It’s going to take me a little longer than 25 minutes, but that’s fine. Even if it takes me an hour, I like the plot and am really looking forward to getting started on the story. I can see already that I won’t have any trouble writing at least 750 words about each of the 9 points.

By the way, if you want to write romance books using this strategy, he has a section of the “Book-A-Day Short Reads” ebook dedicated to that. It also includes a separate template just for setting up your romance books.

Ok, my 9 points are done and I’m ready to start writing. In my next post, I’ll share with you how my writing is going and also the method I use to write really fast. See you then.

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fullsizerender-smaller-for-websiteI’m guessing that you’ve been buying ebooks, WSO’s, Products, Programs, Coaching, Shiny Objects or whatever.  Yeah, me too. Some of them are pretty good, but most are a waste.

I know you all are into making money online and this site is about making money on Kindle.  Better yet, publish on Kindle and quit the job! I’m going to be totally open as to what I’m doing to increase my income through case studies that you can follow.

I’ve got a plan and I’m going to let you know what it is and how I’m going to go about doing it. I’ve got a shiny object I’ll be following (it’s a good shiny object; they aren’t all bad) and I’m hoping you’ll be right there with me. Ideally I’d like to see all of you following the same program because your feedback will help me and everyone else involved in this little adventure. First, a bit about me and my Kindle experience.

A Little About My Kindle Life

I started my Kindle career 3 years ago with a short story that I wrote just so I could go through the whole process of writing, publishing, promoting, etc. That story is called “Mexican Wind” and it is downright bad. I’d go as far to say it’s horrible. However, I did have fun writing it and it got me motivated. Publishing on Amazon is easy and thanks to that short story, I had the confidence to keep going.

I’m really into paranormal stuff like UFO’s, Bigfoot, ghosts, unexplained mysteries and anything else strange. So I wrote and am still writing short children’s books about those subjects. I write under my real name, J.W. Patterson, for those stories, so you can do a search on Kindle and you’ll find all 10 or so. They make me money every day even though I’m not getting rich from them.

I then got into having short romances outsourced. I made good money for a while until Amazon changed their payment structure. I never liked dealing with my writers anyhow, so I doubt that I’ll do any more outsourcing of books.

I still write a children’s book now and then, but I’m going to do something totally different for this case study. I like Western movies and I’ve read some Western books so I’m going to give Westerns a serious shot. They also sell fairly well and I’m hoping to get by with writing short stories. The books I’ll be writing will all be between 6,000 to 10,000 words.

The ebook (good shiny object) I’m following is, “Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads”. The guy behind the ebook is Mike Nielsen and I’ve got all 3 of his ebooks because they’re well written and they inspire me. I’ve gotta add I’m not easily inspired.

Normally I’m motivated to buy a shiny object and then half way through it, I become disappointed and close the PDF never to be opened again. I have about a thousand (slight exaggeration) of these on my hard drive. Many of them are about how to self publish on Kindle.  Some day I need to do some serious deleting.

So as I read the Book-A-Day ebook  I knew that this guy had really done it.  Mike has actually been publishing ebooks.  He’s been where I am. That’s a good thing.  I can do this and so can you. I’m not a blessed writer and have never taken a creative writing course. I know that I can entertain others though, and that’s good enough. That’s the essence of writing as far as I’m concerned.

The Plan

The plan is really pretty simple. I’m going to follow Mike Nielsen’s simple plotting technique from the Book-A-Day ebook and write at least 1 book every 10 days. I’m working part time now or I’d try to knock out and publish a book every 3 days. The only thing that will slow me down will be getting the covers. I’m not sure who I will use as I’m not thrilled with fiverr covers, but for now the fiverr price is right and I can’t afford to spring for a lot of really pretty covers just yet. I haven’t done one of these stories following Mike’s program so the first one might take a little longer, but I don’t think so.

I’m going to post 3 times a week to keep you up on my progress and let you know about my frustrations (if any), my successes (oh yeah) and just the day to day things that happen to people writing and self publishing.

I’m going to be absolutely open about all of this. I’ll give you the names of my books as they’re published and you can see how they are doing. Honesty is a good thing in my world. The only thing I’m not going to do is give you the details of my writing process. This is in respect to Mike Nielsen and his Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads program. I hope you’ll purchase it ($17 and well worth it) so you can see exactly what I’m doing. However, I’ll let you in on some parts of the process (where I get my ideas, for instance).

After I write 4 of these books, I’ll put them together and sell them as a box set. The books will be a series with no cliffhangers. They’ll be $.99 and also available on Kindle Unlimited. The box set will be $2.99.

I’ve also written an ebook that’s free when you sign up for my newsletter. The ebook will help you get published on Kindle fast.  Really fast! It’s about writing a non-fiction children’s book and I show you how EASY it is. When you sign up, my newsletter will let you know when I make a new post on this site.

I’m looking forward to getting started with this and I hope you’ll enjoy following me and seeing my results, good or bad. Again, what would really be cool is if you get the ebook, follow me, have fun and make some money too. The more the merrier as we can keep each other motivated. Let’s do this!  Click Here to See My Next Post.